Scalan Mills

Project Lead: Crown Estate Scotland and the Scalan Association

What is the project?

To showcase the hidden history of the Scalan site, through creating a community heritage destination that will allow visitors access to the mill barns and their artefacts, while retaining the uniqueness, remoteness and historic essence of the site. Interpretation will allow people to learn about the way of life for the people of the Braes area, from the seclusion and survival of the Catholic faith, to the life of a 18th century farmer and that of the notorious whisky smuggler.

What will the project achieve?

  • Repair and conserve the fabric of the two mill buildings and stables making them weather proof, safe and fit for purpose as a visitor destination.
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering and students to get involved in e.g. cataloguing the graffiti, learning conservation techniques.
  • Encourage a greater number of people (local & visitors) to experience the buildings and gain an understanding of farming, life at Scalan, the role of the Catholic faith over the past centuries.

What has been done so far?

  • A project team has been set up involving local community representatives and Crown Estate Scotland who are working on procuring the consultancy team that will complete building surveys and drawings to allow the buildings to be repaired. The work will be on going through to autumn 2019.