Training Skills

Cairngorm Learning Partnership (CLP)

What is the project?

To provide a targeted training programme to meet the needs of the local community in developing new and useful skills; particularly focusing on young people, land management and helping people to make the most of their local assets.

What will the project achieve?

  • Training courses attended by at least 10% of the local population.
  • Average of 10 training courses per year.
  • Recruitment and training of local tutors to pass on skills to younger generations – 10 tutors recruited.
  • Co-ordinate training within and across industries and to the wider public to facilitate cost sharing and skills base (people have a broader skill set to assist in work diversification and businesses are aware of skills locally available).

What has been done so far?

  • Training programme for 2018 has been developed solely from local community feedback on training needs.
  • A total of five training courses have been delivered, so far, with more planned throughout 2018.
  • Ideas for the 2019 training programme are being collated.